Thursday, August 19, 2010

What a gurl want to hear...

girl : thanks for the fun day
boy : no problem
girl: can i ask u a few questions??
boy : sure 0.0
girl : and....
girl : be honest...
girl : have i ever crossed your mind??
boy : no..
girl : Do u like me??
boy : no...
girl : Do u want me??
boy : no..

girl : Would u cry if i left u??
boy : no..
girl : Would u live for me??
boy : no..
girl : Would u do anything for me??
boy : no...
girl : choose me or your life??
boy : my life..

"please don't leave me..."

the girl run away shock and depression
the boy run after her and told her..

the reason u never cross my mind because..
u always on my mind
the reason why i don like u is because...
i love u
the reason i don't want is because..
i need u
the reason why i don't cry if u left me..
because i'll die if u left me
the reason i wouldn't live for u is because...
i would die for u
the reason i'm not willing to do anything for u is because...
i would do everything for u
the reason i choose my life is because...
u are my life



  1. sangat sweet...

    touching *tetiba* hehe

  2. kalau ada lelaki macamni,,alangkah..huhu


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